About Us

At Advanced Perfusion, we have over 50 years of combined medical experience, including extracorporeal techniques, blood conservation, and autotransfusion.  We have been involved with producing platelet gel for various surgical services since 2002 and we can customize platelet gel to meet your specific medical or surgical needs.​  We would like to be your service provider for APG applications.

We believe we use the best processing system on the market for the following reasons:

Cost Effective:  Ability to produce 3-30cc of platelet gel with the same disposable, eliminating the cost of additional disposables.  Our system is FDA approved to process 1-3 cycles on the same patient.  All others are FDA approved for 1 cycle.

Reproducible:  Will meet AABB quality control standards by producing a consistent platelet concentration every time.

Closed Systems:  Start to finish, the process is highly automated and has minimal operator manipulation.  This meets operating room standards of sterile technique.

Customized:  We can determine the amount of platelet concentration of the end product to satisfy specific clinical needs.  We can produce a highly concentrated 3cc for plastic surgery or a regularly concentrated 30cc for other services.

Predictable:  Same cost for 3-30cc of platelet gel produced.

We can also provide you with the equipment and onsite training for your staff if you so desire.  

Please contact us for further information, and a demonstration.  If you are a patient, please speak with your doctor to see if Autologous Platelet Gel is appropriate for you.